WP5: Effectiveness of developed operational evaluation tools and test of the utility of the tools


Doug Wilson, IFM


The objective of this work package is to produce a delivery framework for information to guide management decisions by

  1. evaluating the technical performance and the effectiveness of the operational management evaluation tool as a means to inform decision making processes
  2. developing a framework for the use of the management evaluation tool in decision making processes.  

Work Package 5 evaluates the operational evaluation tools and provides iterative feed back for Work Packages 3 and 4 so that tool development and implementation is modified according to these evaluations. 

The evaluation to be performed is twofold:

  1. The technical evaluation will let the performance evaluation framework and output from descriptive models and analysis tools be subject to rigorous tests of the technical validity of the model implementation, sensitivity tests and the robustness in relation to data error and to assumptions about the resource system, the fisheries and management implementation. 
  2. The technical evaluation will also evaluate the utility in terms of the technical requirements for set-up and use of the evaluation framework.

Participatory modelling
Participatory Modelling: Science Promoting Transparancy.

2 MARCH 2024