WP4: Applying evaluation frame on regional case studies


Martin Pastoors, IMARES

Simon Mardle, CEMARE


In WP4, the evaluation framework is being refined by work on specific case studies covering key EU fisheries. Specific research questions relate to the cases representing main, typological advisory and management problems.

Each case study will provide summaries and details with respect to specific fisheries and stocks, main management and advisory problems, main and typological problems to address in the present project (approaches to analysis as well as purpose of the case study, methods to be used and case specific deliverables), description of the specific and generic input from various partners, and relevant references are given udner each case study.

The purpose is to apply and test the operating simulation model developed in WP3 (and give feedback to WP3) on selected case studies, and for the selected case studies to apply appropriate descriptive fisheries/stock assessment models and analysis tools to the selected case studies within the simulation evaluation framework in order to evaluate relevant management systems and instruments for the case studies that are deemed likely to emerge.

Further, the purpose is to develop further or modify or re-organize existing descriptive fisheries/stock assessment models and analysis tools by implementation in representative case studies, i.e. by applying them to the selected case studies in order to optimize the approach, and, finally, to develop further the documentation and user-interface of the software tool box, i.e. the simulation evaluation framework, by implementation on case studies. This will be done partly through an iterative, cyclic feedback process between WP4, WP3, and WP5 including feedback from regional stakeholder workshops.

Conceptual evaluation framework
EFIMAS Conceptual Evaluation Framework: Operating Models and Management Procedures.

2 MARCH 2024