TEMAS - A fleet-based bioeconomic simulation soft-ware for management strategies accounting for fishers behaviour


TEMAS (TEchnical MAnagement measureS) is developed from the outcomes of EFIMAS and is a fleet-based bioeconomic software to evaluate management strategies accounting for technical management measures and fishermens behaviour. Focus is placed on mixed-fisheries issues, in which several fleets can choose between several fisheries to target several stocks. The software combines a Management Strategy Evaluation frame (MSE) using a forward running Operating Model (OM) and a Management Procedure (MP), together with a fishers behaviour module to model both the short-term (effort allocation) and the long-term (entry/exit) fleet dynamics.

The suite of models behind TEMAS can be thought of as extensions to the traditional ICES forecast model. Alternative management scenarios can be compared and evaluated with regards to their bioeconomic consequences and their robustness to parameters uncertainty. The software is generic and user-friendly, and can be run at several space and time scales.

Background papers

Users Manual for the TEMAS Evaluation Frame
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TEMAS Evaluation Frame Baltic Application
Sparre, P. J. 2008b. Evaluation Frame for comparison of alternative management regimes using MPA and closed seasons applied to Baltic cod. DTU Aqua Report 191-08: 298 pp. ISBN 978-87-7481-079-7.  

TEMAS: fleet-based bio-economic simulation software to evaluate management strategies accounting for fleet behaviour
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EXCEL (VISUAL BASIC) system development for fisheries
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Lecture: EXCEL (VISUAL BASIC) System development for fisheries


Further documentation and a demo version of the software can be requested from Clara Ulrich, clu@aqua.dtu.dk

Utilisation of EFIMAS outcomes

The outcomes of EFIMAS are also utilised in development of
FLR-R: Fisheries Library in R

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