WP2: Review of knowledge base for fisheries management systems


Lorenzo Motos, AZTi 


Work package 2 reviews the available knowledge base for fisheries systems, and to compile and describe it for use by WP 3-5, review existing frameworks for evaluation of the performance of fisheries management systems, as well as explore and describe how the present fisheries management systems perform and how the management decision making processes are using knowledge to inform decisions. 

The evaluation tool to be developed is a mechanism to synthesize complex knowledge, to communicate this synthesis, and to use it as the information base for management decisions. The project therefore includes a review of the knowledge to be synthesized and communicated, and a description of how knowledge can be communicated and used to inform decision making processes. 

Work package categorizes fisheries management systems and describe the adequacy of the present management systems and present management decision processes in terms of their use of knowledge. This leads to identification of the context in which fisheries/stocks evaluation tools for production of advice to management bodies are to be used, which problems they are to assist in solving, as well as of the knowledge which the tools are to communicate. This information will be used in WP 3-5.

27 MARCH 2023